杰西Pantuosco重述德韦恩 – 阿伦的职业生涯晚上菲茨帕特里克瑞安的长凳在周二的每日剂量

梦幻足球不与常规赛结束。 Playoff contests are becoming increasingly popular and offer the opportunity to compete in a variety of formats. To help you throughout the playoffs, we’re going to provide player rankings and analysis up to and including the Super Bowl.

每个星期,在季后赛中,我将通过层级标准幻想得分打破位置的排名,让我的思绪一路。 Since there’s so much variety in playoff contests, I’ll try to be as general as possible. How to use them is up to you.




1。安德鲁运气- IND(与CIN)


运气进来作为外卡周末我们排名第一的四分卫,他领导的联盟在常规赛40次触地传球后。 While Luck finished as fantasy’s No. 2 quarterback in 2014, his numbers faded down the stretch. Over the Colts’ final four games, Luck topped 200 yards passing just once and managed a combined six touchdown passes. To be fair, Luck was without T.Y. Hilton in Week 16, which was his worst outing of the season. While we don’t expect a repeat of Luck’s massive Wild Card performance from last season, he should have no problem posting strong numbers against a Bengals defense that yielded 300-plus passing yards and two scores in each of their last two games.

虽然他不是一个常年精英幻想四分卫罗特利斯伯格出现了本赛季在匹兹堡爆炸犯罪的掌舵顶幻想的选择。 The Steelers 411.1 total yards per game trails only New Orleans (411.4) for the league high. Baltimore hasn’t yielded a touchdown pass in the last three weeks, but that streak came against a string of cupcakes in Jacksonville, Houston, and Cleveland. Previous to that, the Ravens secondary struggled, yielding an average of 309.8 yards and 2.8 scores in the five games after吉米·史密斯丢失在第8周接下来的一周,罗特利斯伯格扔了340码和对乌鸦六个触地得分季节。

3.凸轮牛顿 – CAR(与ARI)

4.托尼罗莫 – DAL(与DET)

不知怎的,托德·鲍尔斯已设法凑齐防御是远远大于它在亚利桑那州的本赛季各部分的总和。 But the Cards are by no means a shutdown unit. Arizona yielded a combined 151 yards on the ground over the last two weeks to Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick. This bodes positively for Newton, who looks surprisingly spry despite being just two weeks removed from a scary car accident. He’s tallied 50-plus rushing yards and a score in each of his last two games.

没有四分卫整个赛季比罗莫感谢的最后一个月,部分的得分都幻想分给他12到1个达阵,以拦截率。 Detroit certainly isn’t a pushover of a matchup, but they’re a much stronger unit against the run. Interestingly, the Lions have yielded two touchdown passes in eight of their last ten games with opposing quarterbacks averaging 269 yards through the air during that span.

5.乔弗拉科 – BAL(在PIT)

6.马修斯塔福德 – DET(在DAL)


8个。Drew Stanton/Ryan Lindley–阿里(在车上)

除了他对海盗队第6周的爆发,弗拉科显示有限的幻想天花板在2014年这样说,他得到的二次钢人即取得了第六最幻想点四分卫反对本赛季强大的对决。 … Inconsistencies plagued Stafford in the regular season, as the Lions quarterback posted four games without a touchdown pass. However, there’s upside here against an overachieving Dallas defense that ranks No. 26 against the pass. … Dalton’s numbers regressed in 2014 with the Bengals becoming more of a power running team under offensive coordinator Hugh Jackson. Dalton’s 482 attempts this season was the lowest total of his four-year career. … Arizona remains hopeful that Stanton will play, but it’s not sounding promising. Either Cards starter has an uphill battle this weekend on the road against a feisty Panthers defense that just held Matt Ryan in check.


1.德马科默里 – DAL(相对于DET)

随着莱夫翁·贝尔有可能出来的图片,穆雷代表单独作为外卡周末前跑选项。 On paper, this matchup stinks out loud. The Lions are the league’s No. 1 run defense, giving up an average of 69.3 yards per game. However, Detroit did just yield 126 total yards last week to Eddie Lacy. You can also bank on the Cowboys feeding Murray the ball. In fact, over the last ten years only five running backs have touched the ball more than the 449 times Murray posted this season. Couple that with the Dallas offensive line that graded out as the No. 2 run blocking unit Pro Football Focus, and it’s tough to fade Murray this week.

2。杰里米·希尔- CIN(在IND)

3.贾斯廷·福塞特 – BAL(在PIT)



Forsett开始2014赛季小康幻想雷达,但他设法巩固自己作为掠夺的特点回,成为在这个过程中强烈的幻想选项。 Baltimore has especially leaned on Forsett down the stretch, with the veteran averaging 18.8 touches over the last 10 games. Forsett topped 100 total yards five times over that stretch. That being said, this isn’t the easiest matchup. The Steelers have yielded just two rushing touchdowns in their last 10 games with opposing running backs managing just 62.9 yards on the ground during that span.

一个令人失望的赛季开局后,贝尔反弹成为最强的梦幻跑锋向下伸展的一个。 Over the last seven games he’s topped 100 total yards in four times and scored five touchdowns. However, Bell’s upside is somewhat limited with the Lions getting Reggie Bush more involved in the passing game. Bush has 13 targets in the last two weeks will Bell seeing just three.

5个。Jonathan Stewart–汽车(对阿里)

6.丹赫伦 – IND(与CIN)

7.乔瓦尼伯纳德 – CIN(在IND)

8.约什哈里斯 – PIT(相对于BAL)

在过去的一个月,斯图尔特扯掉2个100码的表演。 We have to go back to December of 2010 to find the last time he topped triple-digits. Ironically, that performance came against the Cardinals. Obviously, that defense was a very different unit than the 2014 incarnation that yielded the fourth fewest fantasy points per game to running backs. However, that stat is deceptive. Arizona held opposing rushers to fewer than 100 yards in each of their first 11 games. Since then the Cards have yielded 100-plus yards in 4-of-5 games. Stewart has good momentum entering the Wild Card round, but the looming potential for a rotation with DeAngelo Williams limits his fantasy value.

赫伦可能是在我们的排名较高,如果他在更多的功能作用服务。 Herron’s touches over the last six games: 17 – 10 – 12 – 13 – 10 – 13. Richardson’s touches over the last six games: 13 – 8 – 7 – 11 – 4 – 7. Heron is averaging a healthy 4.9 yards per carry over that span compared to Richardson’s pedestrian 2.8 YPC. Cincinnati gave up the fifth-most fantasy points per game to running backs in the regular season, so Herron makes for a solid play this weekend.

上述伯纳德不太有爆发的赛季,许多人失踪三场比赛赛季中期用臀部和锁骨受伤后的预测。 While it looked like he was going to take a back seat to Jeremy Hill, Bernard has come on down the stretch with scores in each of the last two weeks. While he’s only topped double-digit carries once in the last month, the Bengals have worked Bernard in more as a receiver feeding him 20 targets over that span. He’s very much become the lightning to Jeremy Hill’s thunder. While we prefer Hill, there’s enough meat on the bone for Bernard to get his fill this weekend.

这些事情之一是没有像其他。 With it looking very likely that Le’Veon Bell won’t play in the Wild Card round, Harris is the favorite to serve as the Steelers’ lead back. Pittsburgh did sign Ben Tate on Tuesday, but he’s a long shot to see more than a handful of touches. Admittedly, we don’t really know a ton about the rookie out of Wake Forest, as he played just 19 offensive snaps for the Steelers this season. His five carries for seven yards in relief of Bell last week doesn’t impress, but he did have 59-yard run called back due to a holding penalty. Harris showed good burst and nimble feet at the college level, so there’s certainly potential here. Unfortunately, Harris’ fantasy value is limited against the league’s No. 4 run defense.

9号。Reggie Bush–DET(达尔)

10.遄理查森 – IND(相对于CIN)


12.的Dri射手 – PIT(相对于BAL)

13.斯蒂法恩·泰勒 – ARI(在CAR)

布什在第16周打出了他本赛季最好的一场比赛,看起来他的双腿有些弹性。预计在10-12范围内接触老将。… 关于理查森最近的简历,请看上面赫伦的简介。这周他只是一个有限的上风,低空幻想游戏。… 威廉姆斯在过去四场比赛中的三场比赛中以15次或更多的助攻,成为亚利桑那州的主要跑回者。他是一个有趣的游戏,但布鲁斯阿里斯的“热手”方法意味着我们可以很容易地看到斯特凡泰勒领导的接触卡。… 弓箭手因为勒维恩铃受伤而得到一个值的提升。虽然他不是一个真正的威胁之间的铲球,阿切尔有爆炸性的速度,应该看到一些目标的后场。

14.迈克·托尔伯特 – CAR(与ARI)

15.西奥里迪克 – DET(在DAL)

16.约瑟夫·兰德尔 – DAL(与DET)

17。伯纳德·皮尔斯- BAL(在PIT)

18岁。DeAngelo Williams–赛车(对阿里)

19.杰拉德图森特 – BAL(在PIT)

20岁。Marion Grice–阿里(在车上)

21.兰斯邓巴 – DAL(相对于DET)

22.凯尔·贾斯斯卡齐克 – BAL(在PIT)





3.费尔南德斯科比 – DAL(与DET)


约翰逊伤病斗争初期,本赛季,但他进入状态很好季后赛中与5个分数在过去的五场比赛。 He’s seeing 10.4 targets per game over that span, so volume shouldn’t be a problem. However, as I mentioned earlier, Matthew Stafford’s up and down play this season is a slight hit to Johnson’s fantasy value. Still, you don’t need me to tell you that Megatron’s ceiling is massive. There’s no reason to fade him this weekend.

只有奥德尔贝克汉姆在过去的三个星期比科比更多的幻想点。 With only 19 targets over that span, his volume hasn’t been massive. But Bryant has been extremely efficient catching 15 balls for 286 yards and six scores. That touchdown rate is essentially impossible to maintain, but you have to like the chemistry between Bryant and Tony Romo right now. While the Lions have been stout against the run, they’re susceptible to the pass. Over the last five games, they’ve yielded eight touchdown passes to wide receivers. This all bodes well for Bryant to continue his hot streak right into the playoffs.

四。A、 J.Green–CIN(印度)

5个。T、 Y.希尔顿-印第安纳州(与CIN)

6.开尔文本杰明 – CAR(与ARI)

在撰写本文时,格林是在下面从钢安全麦克米切尔在猛虎周刊17输给钢人队第四季度打联赛震荡协议。 There’s no word on his progress, so be sure to keep a close eye on theRotoworld新闻源。 Despite the Bengals increased reliance on the run this season, Green was just as efficient as ever, leading all receivers in yards run per pass route, which is a metric Pro Football Focus uses to determine the yards a receiver picks up on a per route basis. If he manages to suit up, Green will make for a strong play against this Colts defense that Cowboys receivers tore up for 154 yards and four scores in Week 16.


这对新人的接收器一个恒星年,本杰明是从2014级的顶级品牌之一。 The former Florida State standout topped 1,000 yards and caught an impressive nine touchdowns in the regular season, routinely displaying the ability to high-point passes over defensive backs. Over the last six games, Benjamin posted two of his three 100-yard performances and averages 10 targets. Of course, the Cardinals secondary has a good reputation, but Arizona has actually been a reasonably strong matchup for wide receivers this season. Both Antonio Cromartie and Patrick Peterson graded out negatively for their regular season performance at Pro Football Focus. While Benjamin does offer a high ceiling, his lower floor puts him a hair below the Top 5 options this week.


8.史蒂夫史密斯 – BAL(在PIT)

9。托里史密斯- BAL(在PIT)

泰特一直在底特律本赛季的一个启示,抓住99个球的1331码和三个分数。 Of course, a lot of his damage was done when Calvin Johnson was banged up. Tate saw 11.5 targets per game in Weeks 4 through 10. Since then that number has dipped to just 6.9 targets per game. … Steve Smith appeared to be on the decline following a hot start to the season in which he topped 100 yards in four of the first six games. Smith’s numbers then dipped and reached a low point in Week 13 when he managed just one catch for four yards. Don’t call it a comeback, but since then Smith has seen an average of 9.75 targets per game and finished the season strong with 90 yards in Week 17. While Smith isn’t likely to duplicate his early season success, he should see enough targets to make him a solid play this weekend. … Torrey Smith surprisingly scored 11 touchdowns this season, but volume isn’t in his favor. The Ravens receiver only topped double-digit targets once this season and averages just 5.9 targets per game.

10.马尔塔维斯·布赖恩特 – PIT(相对于BAL)

11.迈克尔·弗洛伊德 – ARI(在CAR)


13.穆罕默德·桑 – CIN(在IND)


15.雷吉韦恩 – IND(相对于CIN)

科比闪现主要大玩上攻本赛季,但他看到每场仅有4.8的目标。 His opportunity will be limited and is more of a boom-or-bust play. … Despite bookending the season with 100-yard performances, Floyd was a huge disappointment in fantasy circles. While he displayed some chemistry with Ryan Lindley last week, Floyd makes for a risky fantasy start. Likewise, Fitzgerald is far from a safe play. … Sanu had an up and down year, but he did step up to post both of his 100-yard performances when A.J. Green was sidelined earlier this season. His stock will rise is Green is unable to go. … Williams offers upside, but his season-high for targets is seven, and he’s seeing an average of three per game over the Cowboys’ last six contests. … Wayne is one of the league’s all-time greats, but his play is very much on the decline. Couple that with a nagging groin injury, and Wayne offers limited fantasy upside.

16.马库斯惠顿 – PIT(相对于BAL)



19.多特·蒙克利夫 – IND(相对于CIN)

20.费城 – 布朗CAR(与ARI)

惠顿未能尽管被给予机会来这么早做这个赛季脱颖而出,成为钢人队第2号选项。 He just doesn’t see enough volume to be a strong fantasy asset. … John Brown is playing third fiddle in a limited passing offense. … Sure, Beasley has four touchdowns in the last six games, but he only has 21 catches over that span. … Moncrief has flashed loads of upside this season, but the crowded situation at receiver in Indy limits his fantasy potential. … Philly Brown has become an unlikely downfield target for the Panthers. He isn’t likely to see more than a couple balls come his way, but he’s an intriguing Hail Mary play this week.

21.哈基姆尼克斯 – IND(相对于CIN)

22.杰里科·科切里 – CAR(与ARI)

23。马龙·布朗- BAL(在PIT)

24.卡玛·艾肯 – BAL(在PIT)

25.布兰登泰特 – CIN(在IND)

26岁。Lance Moore–矿井(与BAL对比)


28.达内·桑泽巴彻 – CIN(在IND)

29.杰里米·罗斯 – DET(在DAL)

30.科里富勒 – DET(在DAL)


在紧哑了一年,奥尔森被证明是更可靠的幻想选项之一。 Unfortunately, that dependability tapered off at the end of the season, as Olsen posted just three catches for 48 yards over the last two weeks. His three targets in each of those contests equaled his low for the season, which previously came in Week 8 against the Seahawks. The good news is that the Cards have recently struggled against the tight end, yielding big days to Travis Kelce (7 catches for 110 yards) and Luke Willson (3 catches for 139 yards and 2 scores). Olsen is your best bet at tight end this weekend.

2.杰森·威滕 – DAL(与DET)

三。Coby Fleener–IND(对CIN)



这要部分归功于牛仔上运行的依赖,威腾的目标总跌破三重数字首次自2006年以来,他还贴出了他的第二个最低总码数他的职业生涯。 That being said, Witten had his best statistical performance of the season in Week 16 and showed he’s still a capable receiving threat. Consider him a high-floor/low-ceiling fantasy play.


虽然他上攻提供有限的触地得分,米勒确实看到了他的目标份额。 Ben Roethlisberger peppered Miller with 14 balls over the last two weeks with the tight end catching 10 for 109 yards. The Ravens are a middle of the pack matchup for tight end, but it should be noted that Miller only managed a catch for 14 yards in Week 9 against Baltimore.

6.欧文丹尼尔斯 – BAL(在PIT)

7.杰梅格雷沙姆 – CIN(在IND)

8.埃里克·伯伦 – DET(在DAL)

9号。Darren Fells–阿里(在车上)

10.埃德迪克森 – CAR(对ARI)

丹尼尔斯在第15周短暂的表现出色,但他在职业生涯的这一点上的幻想优势非常有限。… 格雷沙姆在第7周看到A.J.格林的使用增加,在第16周又增加。即便如此,他充其量也只是一个“捉迷藏”的选择,不太可能累积到很大的码数。… 埃布隆还没有成为一个强有力的接球选择,尽管他在第17周确实看到了5个目标。… 费尔斯已经开始了亚利桑那州的最后四场比赛,在71码处接住了五个球。他是个很低俗的幻想剧。… 迪克森也是如此,他在2014年每场比赛平均有一个目标。

11.克罗基特·吉尔莫尔 – BAL(在PIT)

12岁。John Carlson–阿里(汽车)

13岁。Gavin Escobar–DAL(与DET对比)

14岁。Brandon Pettigrew–检测(DAL)












1.丹贝利 – DAL(与DET)


3.亚当·维纳蒂耶里 – IND(与CIN)

4.沙恩·萨舍姆 – PIT(相对于BAL)

5.马特·普拉特 – DET(在DAL)

6.麦克纽金特 – CIN(在IND)

7.格雷厄姆·加诺 – CAR(与ARI)

8个。钱德勒·卡坦扎罗——阿里(at CAR)